CopyFit will automatically remedy text overflow (or underflow) conditions within a QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® text box, based upon a set of user-defined copyfitting rules.

CopyFit works by modifying overset text within a box using a set of attribute parameters (point size, scaling, leading, etc.) as a guide. All of the CopyFit parameters are user-definable, and can also be changed to specify the order in which the parameters are applied. CopyFit settings can be defined and stored as sets. Each box in a layout can be “tagged” with its own set of unique CopyFit settings, and the tagged boxes can be copy fit at any time. CopyFit settings and operations are controlled via the CopyFit palette (shown below). CopyFit can work interactively on a single box, or can process an entire document with a single click.


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