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simplifies generating TOCs and registries in QuarkXPress

This XTension creates TOCs or registries in QuarkXPress documents. Text which the XT should manage as TOC or registries can be marked in 3 different ways.

  1. Mark in style sheets.
  2. Mark with tags.
  3. Mark in palette


How to select the marking method, depends on the complexity of the files or the quantity.

Mark in style sheets:
If the TOCs are simply organized and can easily be identified by style sheet entries, then this is the most time saving method. In most TOCs, where the headline is the same as the TOC entry this is the case. In registries however, in which most of the time a keyword within a paragraph must be marked an later exported, this option may be quite time consuming.

Mark with tags
If the TOC is more complex or is a registry, this is the preferred method. It lets you mark text while entering it for the XTension to create invisable hidden tags.

Mark in palette:

This method is best used when single text needs to be marked as column titles, like in the case of just the headline at the beginning of a chapter. But also when some terms where forgotten.


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