imports classified advertisings from an interface file and automatically generates page reproduction and pagination

It is a semi-automated and computerbased advertisement make–up system, which has been developed to process a large volume of classifieds, lineage and layouted ads. The ClassLinker ads flow in, automatically, according to the placement definitions which have been defined for the page or publication. The intuitive user interface provides a listing of all ads to be placed. Section headers and classified ads are shown as individual elements. Lineage advertisements are shown as text with length information. This provides an easy to follow overview. All ad elements can be placed section by section or individually. Section headlines may be generated automatically.

ClassLinker has been developed as a multi–user system. This means, different users are able to access and to work on the same classification section and the system therefore prevents double placement of an ad or a section.
The placement of section headers, these are the dividers of two different sections, the restrictions of competition exclusion and the prevention of widows or orphans is automatically checked by the system. But of course, the user may change the make–up results at any time. As soon as a section has been completed, a report is generated which allows for tracing placed, changed and missing ads.
After all layouted and classified ads, as well as the section headers have been placed on the page, the ad dummies can be replaced with the completed ads from ad production.
The page is now ready to be forwarded to the editorial department or to page production for image setting.



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