Checkup of PDF-files

CheckUp is a must have preflight plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 and Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.0 verifies PDF documents for print and on line use.

  • Preflight native PDF
  • Check colors, fonts, images
  • Check PDF for on line use
  • Share profiles between users
  • Preflight report with hyperlinks

CheckUp generates a preflight report with details on colors, fonts and images used in the PDF document being verified, and a list of specific problems and areas of concern. The report is itself a PDF document, so it can be easily viewed, printed, or sent along with the verified document. Hyperlinks connect items in the preflight report with the corresponding objects in the verified document. Sharable profilesTo determine which errors or warnings will be flagged in a preflight report, the user specifies the appropriate settings in a CheckUp profile. Profiles are saved as disk files and can be shared between users. For example, a service provider can distribute preconfigured CheckUp profiles to customers. This ensures that jobs are verified for compatibility with a particular printing process before they leave the customer's site. Internet readyCheckUp profiles can be configured to verify if a PDF file is optimized for on line use. For example, CheckUp can flag high resolution images that should be downsampled, CMYK images that should be converted to RGB, or sub-optimal use of data compression.


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