Connection to the picture database Cumulus

CatAD is an XTension, which turns the widespread picture and production database Canto Cumulus into a catalog and ad production instrument. CatAD can also be used without a database. Out of QuarkXPress groups and object are "saved as"

  • in the chosen directory
  • with a key word
  • with a "fine" preview
  • with a selectable preview (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200% and autmatic) into the Cumulus database.

An import into a QuarkXPress document is as easy as it gets: with Drag&Drop from Cumulus into the QuarkXPress document - and the elements are immediately at the right place. This is due to the positioning accuracy of the CatAD XTension. All assets are aligned with the mouse pointer (which points to the left upper corner of the complete element) and can be dropped there.

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