supports you in converting elements of your XPress document to HTML

Automates many steps involved in creating an Internet - compatible HTML file from a Quark XPress document. Beyond Press automatically locates all the text chains and pictures in a QuarkXPress document and lists them in the Document content palette. Drag icons to sort content elements into separate articles.
BeyondPress automatically places anchored boxes on your HTML page. To anchor any other text box or picture box, just drag it into a text chain. BeyondPress crops and scales your pictures and exports them in the desired format.Translate Style Text: Use the Style Sheet Mapping feature to map QuarkXPress style sheets to HTML styles. BeyondPress formats the text on the way out. Click in the document to link a text selection to another part of the article, or type a URL to link to any address on the Web. Drag line breaks, spaces and horizontal rules into the list to insert them into an article. Or create your own custom elements by typing text and HTML tags. Quickly preview the article with image place-holders
 in your favorite browser. Fine tune your article until you’re satisfied with the preview, then export text and pictures together.




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