The Professional Tool for your PostScript Printouts

BeschnittmarkenManager (BSM), the Crop Mark Manager, offers you a wide range of options for altering crop marks, register marks and the film information line, and for adding important information.

You can edit the following functions and output them professionally as a service bureau:

  • Change the size and offset of crop marks and register marks*
  • Activate/deactivate crop marks*
  • Activate/deactivate register marks, switch between standard* QuarkXPress marks and professional reprographic register marks
  • Automatic generation of fold marks in output of spreads*
  • Change font, face and size of film information*
  • Change content of film information*
  • Document name or full path (volume and all folders)
  • Machine name**, user name
  • Date format
  • Time format
  • Size/scale in % (from Page Setup dialog)Bildschirmfoto BSM 2.7
  • Page number (all page numbers in spread output)
  • late color (for separations)
  • Contone halftone frequency and angle (for separations*/on all single colored plates**)
  • RIP computing time per page
  • Indication of layer side
  • User defineable text
  • Custom profiles for frequently used settings.
  • Black Overprint Override (only for QuarkXPress 3.3)*
  • Reworked Print dialog (only for QuarkXPress 3.3)*
  •  Free definition of all marginal elements.**
  • Format frame and fold edges.**
  •  Place crop marks and register marks around individual objects.**
  • Incorporation of your company logo.**
  • Automatic Profile activation depending on the selected output device.**
  • Automatic Print Style activation by a profile.**

*=Function requires BSM 2.7
**=Function requires BSM 3.0


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