Badia Printools

Powerful collection of printing tools and timesaving shortcuts

Badia Printools provides prepress and printing professionals with a powerful collection of printing tools and timesaving shortcuts.

In one comprehensive package you get: rename at print, batch printing, print to file, preflighting, custom page slugs, and state-of-the-art live previews. What's more, you can combine several of these tools during the same print session to streamline complex printing tasks.

Batch Printing
The batch printing tool allows you to print multiple files with the same print settings. Simply select the files you wish to print, arrange them in any order you like, and hit the Print button. Printools will open each of the files and immediately send them to the print queue applying the output settings you've previously specified. You can even combine batch printing with print to file to generate multiple PostScript files at once.


Rename at Print
You can now rename the document during the output stage, without altering the actual document or file name. Print renaming is useful for identifying the document during the output stage, regarless of the actual file name. It is also helpfull in keeping track of revisions or when printing individual pages for imposition. Printools lets you specify up to 3 components in the new name. For each, choose from: project name, layout name, Project_Layout, the page range, a 3-digit serial number that increases automatically after printing, or any custom text.

The preflighting engine quickly and thoroughly checks for potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. Customize the preflight checks by activating any of the following diagnostics: missing fonts, suppress printout, text overflows, broken picture links, RGB Images, EPS with JPEG compression, unknown image formats, hairlines, and poor image resolution. You can even configure the preflight tool to automatically run before printing.

Save as PostScript
This tool allows you to save the printout to a designated folder as a PostScript file. When combined with batch printing, you can generate dozens or even hundreds of these files in one single step. Specify up to 3 components for naming the output files. For each, choose from: project name, layout name, Project_Layout, the page range, a 3-digit serial number, or any custom text.

Custom Page Slugs
This tool lets you customize the page slug printed at the top of the page when printing with registration marks. For example, you may want to add the label "Revision 1" to indicate the stage during revision cycles. Printools allows you to suppress any of the standard QuarkXPress tags and/or add up to seven additional ones: user name, machine name, line screen, emulsion, bleed, scaling and any custom text.

Professional Print Log
Printools makes it easy to keep track of the printed files with the powerful Print Log window. This window reports in real time which files are being printed, plus any errors or warnings that may occur during the output process. (From Version 6)

Live Previews
The live preview shows you in real time an exact representation of how the output will look as you change the print settings. Single pages or spreads, crop marks, manual or automatic tiling, page rotation, bleeds, and negative printing are just some of the print settings shown in the live preview. You can even manually tile a page by dragging the mouse over the preview area. And a toolbar next to the live preview contains common shortcut buttons, such as change page rotation, turn manual tiling on/off, print marks, and page flipping.

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