Badia FullColor

The Art of Color Control

Badia FullColor introduces a multi-functional palette for professional color editing and color managing. Its intuitive interface includes tools to help you create, replace, duplicate, delete or apply solid colors and blends, view color usage, search for painted objects, quickly switch color models, and mix and experiment with colors before creating them.

With FullColor, you'll be able to:

  • View colors and shades applied to fills, blends, frames and text simultaneously.
  • Use the built-in CMYK, RGB or Web Safe mixer to create new colors.
  • Save blends as color swatches, which can then be applied and managed just like regular colors.
  • Filter the color list to display used/unused colors, or only CMYK colors, for example.
  • Change multiple colors to spot or process in one step, or switch their color model with a click of the mouse.
  • Locate where a certain color or blend is being used throughout the entire layout.
  • Drag and drop swatches between palette panels, or from the panels to your pages.
  • Change the fill, frame or text color of multiple selected boxes.
  • Use the "color inheritance" feature to automatically paint newly created objects with previously used settings.
  • The mixer allows you to experiment with color components before creating a color. Once you are satisfied with the mix, simply drag its swatch to the object to create a new color and paint it. FullColor will automatically name the newly created color using its component breakdown (i.e. 54C 4M 33Y 0K).
  • FullColor introduces several innovative ways of displaying the colors applied to an object – by highlighting the swatch in the color list, or through the fill, frame and text panels. This way, you can view all applied color attributes at the same time. FullColor also supports drag and drop.

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