Badia Exportools

Automates the process of saving and exporting content of individual pages into separate files

Badia Exportools fully automates the process of saving and exporting the contents of individual pages into separate files, whether it's for remote printing, imposition, archiving or portability purposes. High-end printers and prepress houses worldwide rely on the power, speed and flexibility of Exportools to generate high resolution output using today's printing standards: EPS, PostScript and PDF - version 4.0 export formats: PDF, PostScript, EPS, Text, INDD, JPEG oder IDML.

What's more, Exportools can intelligently extract all the text and save it in any popular word-processing format, produce screenshots of each page for archiving or cataloguing, and even export your entire document for online publishing.
In version 4.0 Exportools Standard has the ability to export selections of items to any of these formats: PDF, PostScript; EPS, Text, INDD, JPEG or IDML. Simply select the items in your document, and Exportools Standard will save that portion of the document to the desired format.
It also shows you a preview of the selection, and allows you to specify a margin bleed, from 0 to 99 points.

Because Exportools creates dozens or even hundreds of files, it's essential that a proper file naming scheme is available to guarantee that each file has a different name, and that it can easily be recognized.

That's why Exportools comes with a smart name composition engine that allows you to specify variable placeholders, such as page or serial numbers, that change automatically to uniquely name each exported file. By combining these variables with other placeholders or any custom text, you have virtually endless file naming possibilities.
In Exportools Standard 4.0 the limitation of 63 characters for file names is removed.

Exportools can also be configured to open each of the saved files with a "post-processing" application you choose. For example, select Adobe Photoshop to open the saved EPS files; or have Microsoft Word open the pages you just exported as text. Exportools also keeps track of the recent post-processing applications you've used, so you can quickly switch back and forth between these programs.

Exportools Standard 4.0 for Adobe InDesign CS5 allows you to split documents into pages or spreads, saving each of them as a separate InDesign document or template.
Use the Create Subfolders and Package Links option to collect all the image links that belong to each corresponding page or spread into a separate subfolder.


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