Badia Duplica

Sophisticated copying and duplication functionality for attributes of characters, paragraphs, pictures, boxes, lines and pages.

Badia Duplica allows you to sample and apply text and item styles using multiple clipboards. Simply choose the attributes you wish to copy, and then use the eyedroppers to sample and apply settings from one part of the document to another or even between different documents.

More than 80 attributes are available to pick from characters, paragraphs, pictures, boxes, lines and pages. You can also copy text without style, and transform items using the built-in Clone tool.

Duplica gives you 7 additional clipboards for retaining text and item styles. These clipboards are always available and you can recall them at any time. The Copy Special and Paste Special commands allow you to sample and apply those settings. For example, you can copy the color, font, leading and tabs of a certain text and apply only those attributes somewhere else.

But Duplica extends this concept beyond text – you can also sample the shape, frame and background color of a box, and then paste those settings to a group of boxes with one mouse click. Even page and spread guides can be copied and pasted.

With Duplica, you can copy and paste text without style or formatting information. Pasting unstyled text incorporates the style attributes of the insertion point.

Duplica allows you to paste any character or paragraph attribute to an entire text box or to multiple text boxes. You can also paste box attributes to multiple selected boxes.

You can clone any box or line using the built-in Clone feature that transforms items just like dedicated illustration programs. You can specify offsets that change incrementally with each duplication, such as width, height, angle, skew, shade and frame width. For example, you can clone a box increasing its frame width by 1 pt with each duplication, resulting in cloned boxes with 2 pt, 3 pt, 4 pt, ... frame widths.

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