Badia ContactPage

Create Image Contact Sheets effortlessly

Badia ContactPage XT is the quickest way to create contact sheets of pictures with captions. You can now very easily catalog a folder containing images, create clip art manuals in seconds, or publish product thumbnails online, all with QuarkXPress documents that are fully editable and manageable.

ContactPage has a comprehensive set of customizable features that lets you choose page size and margins, grid layout, picture and text box dimensions, as well as extensive caption information. You can even resume cataloguing exactly where you left off if you're interrupted or have to turn to another task.

To indicate where the images get imported from, you specify a source folder. You have the option of including images located inside subfolders as well – that way, you can catalog an entire hard-drive or CD-ROM, for example, regardless of how may folders they contain.

The rows and columns define the picture and caption grid that ContactPage will create for you. And its interactive preview takes away the guesswork by showing you exactly how the contact page will look.

You can customize the picture box width and height, its shape (rectangular, rounded, beveled, concave or oval) and specify whether to fit the picture to its containing box.

Captions created with ContactPage describe an image the way you want. Choose from: picture number, name, image size, format (EPS, TIFF, etc.), color model (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, etc.), and image resolution. You can also add any prefix/suffix custom text to be placed before/after the picture file information.

Captions can be positioned below or above the pictures and at any distance you define. ContactPage can also create a style sheet for the captions, so you can make global changes quickly and move on.

To facilitate the production of catalogs with a large number of images, ContactPage comes with a unique "resume" feature that lets you begin or continue cataloguing after interruption on any given page, picture, row or column you choose. You can also specify whether to create a new document or use an existing one.

For example, you can instruct ContactPage to leave one blank page, start with the 25th picture in the folder, and leave one blank row and two blank columns on the first contact page.

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