Airbag XT

Checks text boxes in the background for overset

The easiest way for QuarkXPress users to detect overflowing text boxes without having to think about it.

This XTension checks text boxes for overset. The XTension does not need to be activated to do so; it runs in the background and automatically checks the document when it is printed or saved as an EPS or XPress file. Any overset is automatically shown. ->ex Overset

Airbag XT is a simple one-feature XTension for XPress and QPS which can
automatically check for overset text or overmatter:

  • whenever a document is printed
  • whenever the document is saved
  • whenever a document is opened
  • whenever an EPS file is generated

The floating palette only pops up when overset text or overmatter is found to alert the user:

  • Double-click on the overset text displayed in the palette to go directly to the overflowed text box.
  • Click on 'Update' to run a new check.

A manual check can also be run by selecting Airbag XT from the Utilities menu.

Airbag XT can also be controlled by AutoPilot XT, a high-end automation tool by callas software. Its check routines may be called up during the execution of an automated AutoPilot XT production sequence. In a QPS environment it can also check for missing fonts, missing/modified pictures and update the contents or geometry of elements in a QuarkDispatch'ed layout file

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