AdCreation Toolkit

18 tools for  QuarkXPress which you never want to miss again after you've tested them

Add the ad building tools you need to QuarkXPress. Eighteen utilities to help you build ads for newspapers and magazines more efficiently:

The following functions are included:

  • Polygon Creator — Creates custom-shaped polygons including starburst, diamond, triangle, arrow, star and trapezoid

  • Create Matrix — Creates grids of page elements in QuarkXPress.

  • Setup Guides — Makes evenly spaced grids of page guides on pages.

  • Reflection — Creates mirror effects by “flipping” a group of items, polygon or page layout.

  • Create Headline — A single dialog for accessing text color, tracking, justification and scaling of headline text and color of the headlines text box.

  • Create Shadows — Creates drop shadows and three-dimensional shadows of any color or size quickly and easily.

  • Auto Mask — Creates a mask for a graphic without leaving QuarkXPress.

  • Text Inset — Sets top, bottom, left and right side text inset values independently of one another.

  • Fit Text Block — Helps adjust the text or enclosing text block for a perfect fit without editing. Adtrax — Keeps track of how much time is spent working on an ad.

  • Job Slug — Places a text slug on a document with information such as client name, ad name and ad number.

  • New Layout — Stores, organizes and recalls commonly-used ad sizes.

  • Format Prices — Helps keep prices looking uniform throughout a publication with a set of price formating preferences.

  • Copy & Apply — Samples the character and/or paragraph attributes of selected text and lets you apply those attributes elsewhere.

  • Auto Save EPS — Automatically stores EPS image of ad every time it is saved.

  • CLASS — A utility letting you apply style sheets to portions of paragraphs instead of entire paragraph. Includes CLASS Models, sequences of CLASS style sheets that can be automatically applied to running text to automate formating.

  • Fontasy — A floating palette helps to easily locate and insert font characters into QuarkXPress documents.

  • Layer It! — Helps navigate through multiple layers of page elements in ads. Also allows you to associate elements into “groups” which may be hidden to help you concentrate on specific parts of an ad.

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