Text Toolkit

a collection of powerfull tools to handle text much more efficient

The Text Toolkit is a collection of utilities for working with text in QuarkXPress documents. This handy toolkit can do everything from performing case conversion to telling you which stories in your document are overset.
The XTension reports on the various statistics of your document, including line and word counts. It even provides an easy way to view the makeup of all of the style sheets stored in a document and includes:

  • TextPad, a floating palette which lets you configure any or all of the Text Toolkit features for one-click access.
  • Control Strip, a floating palette providing easy access to text inset, text rotation, text skew, baseline shift and horizontal vertical scale text attributes.
  • HyphenSet, lists all H&J settings available to a document in a floating palette for quick, easy application to your text.
  • Stylin, Apply some attributes of a style sheet to text while preventing other attributes from being overwritten.
  • Break links, new linking and unlinking tools for linking text chains already containing text.
  • The unlinking tool can be used to duplicate a box and its text that is part of a linked text chain. Even break all text chains in a document while leaving all text intact.
  • Convert Acronyms, automatically scans documents for acronyms and converts them from all cap letters to small caps style.
  • Tab Control: set tab positions without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard.
  • Fontasy: in a floating palette you can locate and insert characters with ease. Display the entire character set of a font and insert a character into your document from the listing.
  • Style Sheet Reporter: a utility that lists all style sheets found in a give QuarkXPress document, and all of the various attributes of each style sheet. You can preselect which attributes are to be listed in the report.
  • Sort Paragraphs: automatically sorts a range of paragraphs into alphabetical order much more quickly than could be done manually.
  • Find Overset Stories: a utility that helps you locate overset text in your document. A dialog lists the current document's overset stories and allows you to view each story onscreen.
  • Document Statistics: at a glance see the total number of characters, inked characters, words and lines in a current document and in any story.
  • Case Conversion: convert characters of a selected text range to all lower case, sentence caps, word caps or upper case.
  • Copy & Apply: sample the character and/or paragraph attributes of selected text and apply attributes to text elsewhere by keystroke.
  • Count Story: in a dialog box you can view the total number of lines, words and characters in a selected text story. It shows the average number of characters per line.

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