Creates mellow shadows in QuarkXPress

An eye-catching design often calls for cutting-edge effects ­ effects that are often difficult to achieve in a fast and efficient manner. Effects such as bevels, glows, and shadows can bring those dull, boring designs to life. But why stop there? Add transparency and blend modes to your design and now you truly have something special.

ShadowCaster 3.0 (for QuarkXPress 4.11 and 5.01) is the key to that something special. No other XTension can add this much impact to your design. Its intuitive interface and interactive preview make it fun to create great designs in QuarkXPress. So when your next job calls for the best-looking, high-quality pages you can create, make sure ShadowCaster 3.0 is in your arsenal.

ShadowCaster 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up complete with a high-resolution preview palette that is resizable and zoomable up to 1,600%.


Effect-ing the way you design
Adding effects to a QuarkXPress page is often a daunting task at best ­ until now. ShadowCaster 3.0 adds six types of effects to QuarkXPress. These effects are Drop Shadows, Inner Shadows, Outer Glows, Inner Glows, Bevels, and Embosses. An effect can be applied to any QuarkXPress item, including type and pictures. Each effect allows control over opacity, blur, intensity, color, and blend modes. Effects can be combined with one another yielding unlimited possibilities. So go ahead, add that bevel to your headline, put a shadow on that picture, you can even make those rules glow. Go for it.


Make QuarkXPress transparent
Transparency can add such impact to design you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. For the first time, ShadowCaster 3.0 combines QuarkXPress layouts with transparency. Offering a tool with such power it will cause your layouts to come to life. Offering 14 blend modes and opacity controls to every QuarkXPress item, ShadowCaster 3.0 makes that translucent headline or screen-back image an easy option.

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