Resize XT

Enables you to scale groups of items or complete layouts

One of the most popular XTensions on the market today, Resize XT lets you select a group of page elements and scale them to a specified percentage, just as you would in an illustration program. You can scale proportionally, keeping the horizontal and vertical ratio even, or non-proportionally, choosing two different percentages for fitting your page elements into your design. Graphics, font sizes, text indents, border widths and line thickness' scale automatically along with the selected text and graphic boxes.

The Resize Tool, added to the QuarkXPress tool palette, lets you drag the group to the desired size for a perfect layout every time. Size the group visually with the Resize Tool or enter an exact percentage to indicate the desired size. You can even enter a new width and/or height for the group in order to get the elements exactly the size you need.

  • Scales proportionally or can scale horizontal and vertical directions independently.

  • Scales and maintains the position of the pictures in the scaled boxes.

  • Scales the line and frame widths.

  • Scales the text size even with mixed text sizes.

  • Scales grouped boxes as well as multiple select boxes.

  • Even scale single boxes.

  • The paragraph rules, leading, tabs and indents are scalable.

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