Gives you highres preview of pictures either up t oa zoomfactor of 1200%, supports IVUE and FlashPix format

Precision Preview XT reduces the need to rescan or return to your image editing application, even if the resolution, size, orientation, color separation, and sharpening output requirements change.
Precision Preview XT offers two distinct workflows depending on your needs. The first workflow uses visually enhanced previews generated from high resolution or FPO (For Position Only) images throughout the design and production process. These "Enhanced Previews" provide greater accuracy for cropping, positioning or viewing transforms (such as rotation, scaling or skewing). When printing, or performing a "Collect for Output," the Enhanced Previews are ignored and the original images are used. The second workflow takes advantage of the IVUE and FlashPix file formats. These file formats are constructed with multiple image resolutions that enable real time access to image data at many different resolutions both locally, or across a network. Precision Preview XT maintains a link to these dynamic high resolution image files providing access to the appropriate pixel data for screen display or during printing, both without increasing the size of your QuarkXPress documents.
Using FlashPix images within QuarkXPress enables you to take this enhanced viewing experience to the Internet. Users wishing to convert their XPress documents to HTML can embed FlashPix images using third party XTensions available from vendors such as Astrobyte, Extensis and HexMac. This provides Netscape Explorer(TM), or Communicator(TM) and Microsoft Internet Explorer(TM) Web browsers the ability to interactively zoom, pan, and print high resolution photographic images over the Internet. Precision Preview XT includes the FlashPix Viewer(TM) plug-in from Live Picture, Inc. which makes this experience possible. In addition, Precision Preview XT ships with two useful Photoshop plug-ins that enable users to be able to read, write and edit both IVUE and FlashPix images within their favorite image editing applications. Precision Preview XT also includes over 400 MB of royalty-free FlashPix images from PhotoSpin, Inc. a leading supplier of digital stock photography in the FlashPix file format. These images allow u
sers to quickly see the benefits of working with the new image standard within QuarkXPress. The FlashPix file format is jointly developed by Eastman Kodak, HP, Live Picture and Microsoft.

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