MultiStyle II XT

Text can be applied automatically with complex typographic specifications.

Multi Style II XT is a must for everyone dealing with tables, ads, catalogs, brochures, magazines, newspapers and other complex formatting activities.

Once the typographic settings (multistyles) have been defined, they can be swiftly copied and pasted onto unformatted text. A multistyle contains style attributes for one or more words or paragraphs. It is even possible to specify various formatting styles within words and/or paragraphs. The various text styles can be applied in one single page onto unformatted text.

Multi Style II XT analyses the target text and applies the created multistyle based on (sub)field separators.

Key features:

  • Copy and apply typographic specifications
  • Save complex formatting in multistyles
  • Multistyles can be applied to a single word, a paragraph or multiple selected words and paragraphs
  • Apply saved multistyles using the Multi Style II XT palette or user-definable short cuts
  • User-defined (sub)field separators
  • Avoid repetitive and time consuming actions

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