Imports native Photoshop files

Imagine never having to flatten a Photoshop file again! For the first time, use the power of multi-layer PhotoShop images directly within QuarkXPress. Save time by eliminating the need to "flatten" an image to be used in your QuarkXPress document. Multiple versions of the same image can now be conveniently placed in one picture box. Layers can be turned On or Off with a click of the


  • Support grayscale, RGB, CMYK, index, and multi-channel image modes.
  • Skip the usual step of flattening a picture and saving it in a different file format for import into QuarkXPress.
  • Stop switching between QuarkXPress and Photoshop to adjust a picture.
  • Save hard disk space by using only one file in both Photoshop and QuarkXPress.
  • Store several versions of the same picture in a single Photoshop file, import the picture into a QuarkXPress project, show and hide the layers easily, and control which version of the picture prints.
  • Experiment with different versions of a picture within a layout by simply switching layers and storing several backdrop pictures in the same Photoshop file.
  • Modify opacities and try different blend methods such as dissolve, lighten, and difference — all within the context of the entire layout.
  • Assign channels to be spot colors, varnishes, embossing, die cuts, or other special effects.
  • Print color separations of RGB, CMYK, multichannel, and indexed colors from QuarkXPress.
  • Replace selected indexed colors with spot colors.
  • Choose different clipping paths to control which areas of the picture display.
  • Explore different text wrap options by choosing different paths saved with a picture.

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