Embedded fonts in PostScript- and EPS-files

FontIncluder lets you embed Type-1, Type-3 and TrueType Fonts in PostScript, EPS and DCS files.  So the software provides a way of distributing fonts legally. The files can be processed and put to output platform independend without creating unwanted replacement fonts. Fonts must be in access (harddisk or network). The integrated FontInspector compares the manufacturer, name and creation date of each font to find different versions of a font. A similar functionality but as XTension to QuarkXPress is provided by ex EPS Creator.

FontIncluder 2. It's still simple:

You can drag and drop EPS and DCS files onto the FontIncluder icon and FontIncluder 2 searches specified folders for all required Type 1, Type 3 fonts and TrueType-fonts and embeds them.

New Font Location Option:
With FontIncluder 2 the user can now optionally ask the application to embed the fonts found in the same folder (and its sub-folders) as the PostScript file rather than those found in the System Folder.

Embed PC fonts on a Mac and vice-versa:

The new FontIncluder not only allows you to embed TrueType and Type 3 fonts but will also allow you to embed PC fonts into a file on the Macintosh. The Windows version allows you to embed Mac fonts into a file on the Windows
platform as well.

FontInspektor - assures peace of mind:

This great new utility allows you to inspect your fonts to find out the following information: creation date, modification date, unique ID, manufacturer, font characteristics (eg. normal, bold, italic.) etc. This means you can quickly check two versions of the same font which will reduce errors and wasted film. You can now output the file with the right fonts.

No missing font problems with ad delivery:

It is the ideal way to supply files. No more courier font substitution. And it's legal!



  • eliminates missing font show stoppers
  • resolves cross-platform problems
  • ensures compliance with copyright laws when exchanging print ready file
  • makes exchanging production files fast and reliable


  • embeds Fonts into EPS, PostScript and DCS files
  • embeds fonts directly while creating EPS within QuarkXPress
  • embeds PC Fonts on a Mac and vice versa

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