ex SpellChecker

Extended spell-checking in Quark XPress

ex SpellChecker is an XTension, which provides you with a comfortable spell-checking in QuarkXPress. You have the choice to check spelling in different parts of a QuarkXPress document: word, selection, box, chain, article (only available in QuarkCopyDesk), page or document. For each unknown word one or more proposals will be shown. You have he choice to replace only this occurence of the word or all occurences. The function "Correct all" keeps this word as it is in all occurences. A word added to the dictionary will always be a correct word.


Next to these standards you can connect words with the previous or following word.  In this case the space will be deleted. The button Insert Soft Hyphen adds a soft hyphen at a place of your choice. If you should miss a dot in an abbreviation ex SpellChecker adds it with one single click. Other special characters as hyphens, quotes or non-breaking spaces can also be added. Beside the main dictionary you can add up to three additional dictionaries, Exceptions, Suggestions and Exclusions.  

Exceptions contain words which could be written in different ways. Suggestions contain those words which never have to be checked, i.e. “XTensions”. Obscene words contain words which may not be printed at all. If one of these words has been found it is forbidden to close the QuarkXPress document. Another function of ex SpellChecker is to delete all soft hyphens from the QuarkXPress document.



With the ex SpellChecker you can work either with local dictionaries or in “Server mode”. Working in „Server mode“ has the advantage, that all users in a network are using the same dictionaries on the server. Editing the dictionaries is password protected to prevent unallowed changes. ex Spellchecker checks at launch of QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk if the dictionaries on the server are newer than the local ones and replaces them if needed. But spellchecking is always done locally for highest performance and to reduce network traffic.



Hint: This XTension is only available as a customized spelling solution. A standard dictionary is included, but the customer has the opportunity to create dictionaries from his own list of words with the help of a separate utility.

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