ex ConfigManager4QPS

ex ConfigManager4QPS allows a central backup and restore of a QPS- Configuration and the central assignment of QPS user preferences

All configurations and data in QPS 8 and QPS 7 will be saved in a central database. Instead as it worked in QPS 3.x, it is unpossible in QPS 8 & 7 to save or change a specific configuration at any time from a central workstation for one or all QPS users. 

By using our software ex ConfigManager4QPS you can work in QPS 8 & 7 like you was used to in QPS 3.x! ex ConfigManager4QPS is an administratortool wich allows the central access on a database structure in a QPS environment. The following database types will be supportet: Oracle JDBC, Oracle (native) and MS SQLServer (native).

The following database types are in preperation: HSQL JDBC, MS SQL JDBC,

The content of the configuration will be visualized in the integrated database browser.

The backup will be localy saved in XML-files in the filesystem and can be restored at any time. The transfer of the XML file is also possible to an extern QPS testing system.

By using a batch file the backup can be started manually or automatically by predefined dates. 

Furthermore the administrator can call up the individual user preferences from a central place. Here he can edit and even transfer the preferences to other registered users in the QPS instance. Normaly this is only possible in QPS manually on the client over the individual access of the specific user.

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