ex Plan2Page

A planning tool based on QuarkXPress-documents and automatic creation of production pages into QPS (or the file system)

A planning document (meaning a QuarkXPress document, which shows the structure of an issue (including press setup) with all pages and placeholders of ads) will be splitted to production documents. The document will be divided according to presettings in single or facing pages or multi-page documents.

The new QuarkXPress documents contain the appropiate information from the QPS system like status, sections/subsections or other header data. If used, the information of the XTensions ex DataLookUp and ex Ad2PlanPro are also included.
This covers colour usage and ads / dummies  with the correct attributes automatically.

The QuarkXPress documents will be named automatically according to a naming scheme, checked in in QPS (or saved to a folder) and routed to the corresponding users. 

ex Plan2Page also served as an interface to other planning systems. 
In this case the structure including ads are coming from other XTension modules like ex PPI2Q, ex Adbase2Q or ex Funkinform2Q with all required data supplied for generation of the planning document.

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