ex JadisXT

Export of pictures and pictureinformation (XML) of in QPS checked-in pictures

The XTension ex JadisXT for QuarkXPress 8.x exports HiRes and preview roles of in QPS 8.1 checked-in pictures. Additional various picture attributes (e.g. IPTC information) will be read out and safed in XML file format. Wich assets will be exported is set by the user himself over a predefined query in QPS. This query must be activated in the XTension before the export.

The user predefines a folder in the preferences of the XTension where the exported files will be saved. Furthermore can be set in the preferences an attribut with a reliable value to export a special version of an asset. In case of a query ex Jadis proofs every picture for the seted attributes. If there is a correspondance ex JadisXT exports the first version of the Asset wich contains the corresponding attribut. If there is no correspondance ex JadisXT exports the first version of the asset.

The HiRes role will always be exported with the filename extension wich is set in the database. The user can set in the prefernces if this filename extension should be exchanged with a fixed value.

With another popup can be set a target cluster in wich the asset will be moved before export.

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