Application to create tables with connection toQuarkXPress

Entable is a table editor which runs with QuarkXPress through an XTension but also as a stand-alone program. Delivered are both Entable software and XTension link. Entable can be started up in QuarkXPress. In a separate window, extensive (large and multiple page) tables can be designed and generated. After the table layout has been made one mouseclick places it in QuarkXPress. Now, each change in Entable automatically updates the QuarkXPress document. The tables are saved as separate files so that the size of the XPress document is not effected by the tables.

Some Features:

  • Auto-sizing capability can keep all cells automatically sized to exactly fit text contents.
  • Resize rows/column by dragging with the mouse; text reflows in real-time as you drag. Alternatively, any selected area of the table can be set to an exact size specification.
  • Fast and very easy cell merging. Merge any number of cells in a single operation, by dragging at them with the mouse
  • Split cells at any location by dragging a split cursor, or by entering an exact value.
  • Cut/copy/paste table rows/columns, keeping all configuration (e.g.: straddle cells) and styling intact.
  • Apply row and/or column lines by simply enabling/disabling, and specifying color, shade, thickness, frequency.
  • Add custom row/column line categories, to have different line styles across different areas of the table, or to have alternating line style across the table.
  • Apply cell edge lines to any selected cell group. Lines can be indpendently enabled and specified for each side (top/bottom/left/right).
  • Apply “column total” lines to any cells, which are automatically placed beneath the last text line, and span the left-to-right text area (between gutters) for a column.
  • Slant row or column cells to any angle between -45° and 45°.- Apply alternate row/column shading by simply enabling/disabling, and specifying color, shade, frequency. Specify whether row or columns have priority when shading is enabled in both directions.
  • Apply background color/shade to any selected cell group including “transparent” background.
  • Style Sheets include text format alignment, and background color/shade attributes. Apply Style Sheets to any selected cells, using the Style palette. Changes to Style Sheets are reflected in any cells to which they have been applied.
  • QuarkXPress Style Sheets are automatically imported (all common settings), and become part of the available Style Sheet list.
  • All QuarkXPress custom colors defined in the document are automatically available in the Entable environment, to be applied to any part of the table.
  • All QuarkXPress color trapping settings (including custom settings) defined for the document are used during printing of the table.
  • "Step/repeat” cell selection, allows patterns of cells throughout the table to be selected for application of a subsequent style change or other operation.
  • Complete text editing and wrapping/multi-paragraph text in each table cell. All the basic typographic styles can be applied per character, or to any cell group.
  • Set text in any cells to face up or face down.
  • Set “vertical” text in any cells (text runs vertically, but characters are horizontal).
  • Align column text on any specified character, or type of character, at a specified offset position.
  • Enter special characters such as em space, en space, non-breaking space, discretionary hyphen, using the same key combinations as QuarkXPress.
  • All tables are potentially “multi-page”, with the page span able to be independently set for each page. Column headers are automatically duplicated on each page, and the contents of all duplicate headers is automatically updated whenever the cells on the first page are edited. All table lines, shading, and other style effects are automatically applied correctly across all pages.
  • Tables can be saved as EPS format, for use with by any other applications.
  • Tables can be saved as HTML, for inclusion in web pages. The HTML can be saved to a file, or to the clipboard.

Works with QuarkXPress PPC only!



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