PreFlight-Assistance for QuarkXPress

DigitalPilot  offers pre-flight assistance to QuarkXPress users by providing the capability to automatically check documents for errors prior to sending them to service bureaus.

Digital Pilot is automatically launched at the start-up of QuarkXPress. Two options are available: Report or Prepare. Digital Pilot is unique in that it not only reports on the contents of the current XPress document, but that it also highlights potential print problems. Along with the more common problems of missing fonts and images, Digital Pilot identifies areas that could compromise the quality of the printed output or deteriorate processing time, i.e. image size, image background, image dpi, stylized fonts, trapping information, etc. After a document has been checked, Digital Pilot can prepare it for the delivery to the service bureau. General job ticket information specific to the print job can be entered by the user. Once a destination folder is specified by the user, the reporting option is invoked. A thorough “Collect For Output” is performed, placing a copy of the report and all supporting files including high resolution graphics and fonts in a designated folder. As each file is copied, the collection information becomes part of the job ticket, indicating which files were successfully or unsuccessfully copied. Let Digital Pilot guide you to troublefree output.

see FlightCheck Pro


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