ColorManager XT

Find and replace colors

This XTension supports the following handling of colours in QuarkXpress documents:

  • Allows the user to easily ‘Search and Replace’ any color that appears in: Text, Lines, Frames, or Backgrounds.
  • When searching for a color, the user can specify what percentage shade of the color to look for.
  • When replacing a color, the user can specify what percentage shade the resultant color should be.
  • You can change individual occurrences of a color or globally change all occurrences in the document.
  • The Process separation settings for all colors in the document can be easily accessed and modified.
  • It is possible to view, create and to report on all color usage within EPS files utilised by the document.
  • It reports on whether TIFF and EPS graphics are RGB or CMYK file'.
  • The user specify custom CMYK screen angles and frequencies to use for printing, thus preventing moire pattern.
  • The Collect for Output option allows you to select a document and specify a destination disk and/or folder where you want to copy the file. The document and all its linked graphics (Including DCS files if required), Screen and Printer fonts (Including EPS fonts) will be transferred.

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