The Autopage system automatically generates and paginates complete books

With a single step, the Autopage system automatically generates and paginates complete books from marked-up word processor files to finished QuarkXPress documents ready for your final review.

Autopage automates the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages. Autopage automatically places art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows.

The Autopage system automatically handles the alignment of all elements across the bottom of a page spread. This is achieved by varying the vertical spacing around page elements, varying the depth of spreads, or varying the depth of paragraphs through word space kerning.

You control how each element is placed. The Autopage system modifies the layout according to your rules. You specify minimum, optimum, and maximum values for each type of space and the maximum variation across a page spread. This enables you to assure a consistent look across page spreads while providing for maximum spacing flexibility throughout a document. The Autopage system automatically sets the spacing values in your QuarkXPress document. You can review and, if necessary, change these values in the final document.

Autopage and QuarkXPress provide an opportunity to combine the advantages of a batch system with the advantages of an interactive system. Autopage is the only automated layout system that begins and ends with a QuarkXPress document. You can always rely on QuarkXPress to accomplish any type of layout you desire in the event that the page breaks and layout decisions made by Autopage are inappropriate. The batch facilities of Autopage provide an opportunity to make page break decisions based on the layout of a number of pages, rather than that of a single page.This capability to consider the layout of a number of pages simultaneously increases the probability of eliminating bad page breaks which reduces time spent manually reworking pages.

Autopage features

Textbook capabilities

  • Straddle heads and other layout variations easily handled
  • Adjust spacing around heads, equations, extracts, art and footnotes to balance facing page spreads
  • Eliminate orphans and widows
  • Group lines of text that must not split between pages
  • Place art, tables and graphics near their references including those that span spreads
  • Place inline art and tables immediately after there reference line
  • Adjust art caption placement based on art page placement both vertically and horizontally
  • Place art, notes and tables in the minor column
  • Bleed art off the top, bottom, left and right
  • Create text boxes that are tinted and/or framed with or without breaking across pages allowed
  • Place tints behind individual words in the text
  • Change the text alignment of heads, captions and margin notes based on left or right page placement
  • Place and number footnotes
  • Control footnote rule length, thickness, alignment, color and shade
  • Prevent footnotes and art together at bottom of page if this isn't desired

Legal publishing features

  • Footnote placement and numbering
  • Combine short footnotes on a single line
  • Multi-column notes placed below single column body text
  • Single column notes placed below multi-column body text
  • Lettered and numbered notes sorted at page bottom
  • Option to place all notes in rightmost column of page
  • Split notes between columns/pages
  • Independent control over footnote rule and split footnote rule

Yellow pages capabilities

  • Placement of display ads and inline ads
  • Placed of filler including rotation, mandatory filler and single use filler
  • Filler placement minimized and optimized to spread gutter
  • Placement of category continued lines at top of column, page or spread
  • Option to place display ads so they touch their category
  • Option to place display ads so the first ad in a category touches that category

Directory publishing

  • Display ads sorted by width and height for placement
  • Boxed listing created and placed with or without splitting between pages allowed

Trade book capabilities

  • Variation between spread depths to eliminate orphans and widows
  • Word space kerning and/or letter space tracking to vary paragraph depths during pagination to eliminate orphans and widows
  • Word space kerning and/or letter space tracking prior to page layout to eliminate paragraphs with short last lines

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